The Workers Center For Racial Justice is a grassroots organization that organizes Black workers and the families that depend on them, in order to address the root causes of high rates of unemployment, low-wage work and mass incarceration plaguing the Black community. We focus on direct action organizing, leadership development and voter engagement at the city and state level to achieve our mission of building a caring economy and society that allows Black workers to reach their full human potential.

To accomplish our work we recruit, educate and mobilize unemployed, low-wage and formerly incarcerated Black workers to:

  • Fight for increased access to sustainable and living wage jobs;
  • Advocate for improving the overall quality of low-wage jobs;
  • Develop public policy to leverage public and private dollars for job creation;
  • Work to reduce the over-criminalizaton and mass incarceration of Black people; and
  • Challenge existing negative images and steoeotypes about Black workers.