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File a Witness Slip in Support of One Fair Wage in Illinois

The Workers Center for Racial Justice, as part of the Illinois Full and Fair Wage Coalition, needs your help! We need all of our members and supporters to take just 30 seconds to file witness slips in support of legislation to end Illinois' unjust subminimum wage for tipped workers.


The exploitative subminimum wage for tipped employees impacts over 200,000 Illinois workers. Even after Illinois increased the minimum wage, local employers are still legally allowed to pay tipped workers a subminimum wage that is 40% less than the full minimum wage. As a result, the state's tipped workforce, which is 70% women and 40% people of color, suffers the highest levels of economic instability and sexual harassment of any professional industry.


Tipped workers and their families deserve better.


Together we are championing a policy to eliminate the subminimum wage and guarantee a fair wage with tips on top for all restaurant workers. Help power our fight by taking 30 seconds to file a Witness Slip in support of this important legislation.

How to File a Witness Slip

The Illinois Legislature has a Witness Slip process that allows constituents to voice either their support or opposition to a bill ahead of a committee hearing. Witness slips can have a powerful impact on how legislators vote on a piece of legislation. Instructions for filing a witness slips are detailed below.



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