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Week of Action Day Two: Social Media

Join the Workers Center for Racial Justice (WCRJ) for Day Two of our 2020 Week of Action. Today we’re calling on community members to leverage the power of social media to advocate for true safety and liberation in our neighborhoods.


In order to maximize the impact of today’s important action, we need our supporters' full participation. Here’s how you can advance our Week of Action social media campaign:

1. Tweet at the Chicago City Council and Mayor Lightfoot to demand equitable public safety reinvestment. We’ve set up a quick and easy online action that allows you to send a pre-written tweet urging each member of the Chicago City Council, as well as the Mayor, to support WCRJ’s proposal to divest public dollars away from anti-Black systems of law enforcement, and invest resources into programs that foster true safety, equity, and opportunity. Send tweets now!


2. Create and share a video explaining what real public safety looks like to you. Through the Safety and Liberation Week of Action, we’re encouraging community members to reimagine what true public safety could look like if we divest from racialized systems of police terror, and redirect dollars into programs that foster opportunity, justice, and liberation for all. Join WCRJ as we radically reimagine what real safety means for our neighborhoods.


Your voice is essential to shaping the collective narrative on what makes our city truly safe and free. Send us a short 1-2 minute video on what makes you feel safe in the community.

3. Follow and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram throughout the week of action, and use the hashtags, #SafetyOutsideOfPolicing #DefundCPD.

Stay tuned for daily alerts throughout the week! For more information on today's action, please contact us directly.

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