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Stand With Black Workers

Since March, WCRJ’s allies have sent over 1,200 emails through our Racial Justice Online Action Center, demanding support from state lawmakers on policies that would promote equity, opportunity and liberation in Illinois. As a result of your commitment, two important bills that aim to secure crucial protections for workers across the state have passed the Senate. These policies now require passage through their assigned House committees before advancing to a full floor vote. As we enter the final weeks of session, WCRJ is demanding that Illinois lawmakers prioritize passage of these crucial policies.

Take 30 seconds to help us push these critical workers rights bills over the finish line.

With just a few clicks, you can send a pre-written message of support for these bills to every member of their assigned committees:

SB 1485, would require the Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR) to establish a telephone hotline and online portal for workers impacted by racial discrimination and harassment to anonymously report and pursue complaints. (Read More)

SB 471 would require all Illinois employers to provide full-time employees with a minimum of five days of paid sick leave per year. (Read More)

Send a message urging House Executive and Labor Committee members respectively to prioritize passage of SB 1485 and SB 741 in the current legislative session.

Your voice is vital to advancing the fight for racial equity. Advocate for the change you want to see in your city, state and beyond by visiting WCRJ’s Racial Justice Online Action Center and demanding policy action of your elected officials.

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