Childcare is Essential

Robust public investment in our childcare system is essential to ensuring equity and opportunity for early childhood professionals, working families, and future generations. The Workers Center for Racial Justice (WCRJ) is currently mobilizing community members in the fight for accessible, affordable, high quality childcare for all, in Illinois and across the nation.

2021 Policy Platform

In order to advance our long term vision for universal high quality childcare, WCRJ has identified the following state and federal policy goals for 2021:

State Policies

  • Reduce the disparity between full and half-day childcare programs by allowing subsidies to be used by parents who have children in half-day programs

  • In order to move Illinois towards a system of universal childcare, increase the income threshold for CCAP to 400% FPL. The first step to move in this direction is to pass and sign into law HB 3620

  • Invest funding towards the training and retention of quality childcare workers

Federal Policies

  • We demand that Congress ensure that at least $200 billion for childcare funding is included in the infrastructure bill. Quality, reliable and affordable childcare is essential for our society to function, and therefore MUST be included as part of any infrastructure package.

  • We demand that Congress make the increases and expansion of the EITC and CTC permanent. These two programs will help to reduce child poverty in this country by nearly 50%.

  • Daycare centers provide an essential service to communities, especially low income, working class and BIPOC communities throughout the country. We demand that money from the infrastructure bill be used to help reopen daycare centers in our communities that were forced to close because of the pandemic.