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A Small Donor Matching System for Chicago Elections

The Workers Center for Racial Justice (WCRJ)  is fighting for ALL Chicagoans of different social classes to have equitable resources to run for public office. No matter if you're rich or poor, from the Southside or Northside if you want to run for office, a lack of funding should not hinder you from doing so!

Our current campaign finance system unfairly favors a small handful of donors able to give large contributions. A municipal small donor public financing could fix this problem in Chicago.


Under a citywide small donor matching system, the Chicago City Council would contribute to six dollars in public matching funds for each dollar an individual candidate raised independently. A small donor public finance program would incentivize candidates to seek out many supporters, not just a few big donors. It would also enable more candidates from diverse backgrounds to run for office and amplify the voices of regular people.


,WCRJ is currently circulating petitions to gather the 85,000 signatures needed to place a question on the 2022 ballot, which would let voters approve a referendum to establish a Small Donor Matching Program for candidates running for Chicago Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer, and Alderman.

How  You Can Support the Fight

In order to collect the 85,000 signatures required to place the Small Donor Matching referendum on the 2022 ballot in Chicago, we need the support of engaged community members like you. There are two ways you can support the fight! 


Join the "Power to the People Committee" to protect our democracy by leveraging grassroots power through ballot initiatives. The Power to the People Committee leads our binding referendum campaigns by building public and political awareness for direct democracy and strategizing gathering petitions to establish precedent for direct democracy initiatives through grassroots ballot referendums in Illinois.







You can also join WCRJ's campaign by gathering petition signatures from family, friends, and neighbors.

Instructions for collecting signatures are outlined below. Please follow the directions carefully in order to make sure the signatures you gather are validated by the Board of Elections.

After you have carefully reviewed the signature gathering instructions, download the petition form to get started.

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