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About the ILBC's Justice Reform Bill

On January 13th, the Illinois General Assembly passed a landmark omnibus bill (HB 3653) on criminal justice championed by the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus (ILBC) and grassroots community groups across the state. This momentous policy package would take crucial steps in advancing racial equity in Illinois by enacting targeted reforms to anti-Black systems of law enforcement and mass incarceration. 

What Would HB 3653 Do?

The ILBC’s policy package would enact long overdue reforms to Illinois racially targeted law enforcement, court, and prison systems. Key elements of the legislation are listed below.

What's Next for HB 3653?

In order to ensure that HB 3653 becomes law in Illinois, the Workers Center for Racial Justice (WCRJ) is mobilizing community members across the state to demand that Governor Pritzker sign the bill in its entirety, without further delay.

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