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Over the past decade, the Workers Center for Racial Justice (WCRJ) has held critical conversations with tens of thousands of local community members to help shape a vision of  what real public safety could look like in our own neighborhoods, on our own terms.

Through these powerful exchanges, Chicago residents have resoundingly articulated a shared belief that true neighborhood safety cannot be achieved through increased funding to law enforcement, but rather through investment in public services - such as affordable housing, mental health resources, and youth programs - that foster equity and opportunity for all.

Our human resources are severely underfunded and Chicagoans deserve better. Please join the Workers Center for Racial Justice in our fight for Equitable Public Safety Reinvestment (EPSR). Budget hearings are taking place in Chicago RIGHT NOW! Chicago City Council must approve a budget by December 31st, 2023. 

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What does safety mean to you?

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